Wipeout 2048 Is Set In Futuristic Cities With Real-World Landmarks.

Sony's futuristic racing franchise is probably one of the reasons we are such fanboys in the first place; how can you resist the game's serene environments and slick space-crafts?

Like the original PSP, Sony's new handheld will have a Wipeout game around launch. That title — Wipeout 2048 — is a prequel to previous games in the series, setting races in pseudo-futuristic courses throughout real-world landmarks such as Times Square.

The game will feature support for all of the NGP's cutting-edge input functionality, such as tilt-control steering and touch-pad missiles. Additionally, it will feature cross-platform play with compatible tracks on the PS3's Wipeout HD.

It really is impossible to ignore a platform with a Wipeout game on it.