Resistance 3's Weapons Sound Crazy Devastating.

The first thing we noticed about the gameplay is just how chunky all the weapons sound. Everything from the standard assault rifle to magnum (with Resistance 2's exploding bullets) sound deadly. It's a far-cry from the previous game's rather tepid feeling arsenal.

The new footage is from the game's Botoga, Colombia map. "Set in a sunbaked trainyard, this map has an awesome mixture of long-, mid- and close-combat options," explained Insomniac's James Stevenson on the PlayStation Blog.

The footage shows off a number of new features in Resistance 3, including support and tactical abilities as well as a new rocket launcher called the Firestorm.

"You may also notice the various Beserks that you can utilize," Stevenson added. "These reward you for playing well. Humans can gain a Riot Shield, while Chimera and cloak. Both sides can gain access to the powerful Auger, with its ability to see and fire through walls, as well as deploy mobile shields."

Insomniac's promising more reveals throughout E3. Check out the new footage after the jump.