Doesn't Look Much Here, But Sound Shapes Is All About The Audio-Visual Experience.

You play as a gelatinous sphere covered in small suction pods, and your task is to navigate through a beautifully abstract audio world. The object of the game is to collecting floating blobs that represent musical notes, while avoiding the world's many hazards. These hazards include lasers, enemy blobs and dangerous floors. As you'd expect, collecting the musical notes adds to the soundscape of the level, building on the stage's soundtrack as you progress. If you happen to miss a note, you'll also miss out of the full melody.

The game's promising over 30 songs in addition to a robust level editor that allows you to create your own music and levels using the NGP's touch-screen. These levels can then be uploaded and shared online in a similar fashion to LittleBigPlanet, with other users given the option to remix your creations.

Many outlets are deeming this title to be NGP's hidden gem, and it certainly sounds packed with creativity. We're looking forward to seeing footage of the game, and, more importantly, hearing some of that all important soundtrack.