PlayStation 3 Will Continue To Grow According Kaz Hirai.

He said: “One of the things that we always talked about is the 10-year life cycle. When we launched the PS3 back in 2006, one of the questions I kept getting asked was why we were putting so much technology into a piece of equipment that was basically a games console. At the time, I said we were looking at a 10-year life cycle. We wanted to make sure we could adapt as new technology was brought on board. A lot of people at the time said that while it all sounded great, they didn’t believe it.

“The plain fact is, the PS3 has grown with the times. The most recent example was the firmware upgrade for all of the PS3s to be 3D compatible, which is something no other console could do. And to this day, there’s still a lot more headroom left in the PS3. That, again, is a function of the initial investments we made, both in terms of technology as well as financial investments for the components.

“You probably hear a lot things about the PS3, but one thing you won’t hear is that it’s slipping behind the times.”

It sounds crazy, but everytime we watch that Uncharted 3 trailer we realise just how bang-on-the-money Hirai is. There's a lot of talk about next generation just now, especially with the recent announcement of Nintendo's Wii U system. We're just not ready for it yet. We'll happily continue playing PS3 games for at least another couple of years thank you very much.