Uncharted: Golden Abyss Is Clearly In The Upper-Echelon Of NGP Game Budgets, But Sony Believes Development Costs Will Be Closer To PSP Than PS3.

While this criticism ignores the NGP's ability to run smaller games (PlayStation Suite, Minis, etc), Sony's Worldwide Studios Europe president, Michael Denny, believes development costs are likely to be closer to PSP than PS3 in general anyway.

"Without getting into pricing structures of the games themselves, let me look at the question in terms of that PS3 comparison," Denny informed NowGamer. "I think the exciting thing about the NGP games is that in terms of performance they’re certainly closer to PS3 performance than PSP performance.

"But in terms of ease of development, and even budgets for games themselves, they’re closer to PSP development than PS3. So I think for developers and consumers alike it’s an exciting mix to develop for NGP."