Still improvements to be made

SOCOM: Special Forces (or SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs to some) is designed to work with PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter, but there's still some room for improvement in the game's controls. Movemodo user Michel Filipe has begun petitioning Zipper Interactive to make some improvements, and he needs your help.

Over at the official PlayStation forums Filipe has laid out some smart suggestions for how to improve the game's playability with Move:

Add quick-turn option to move users. Many move users like quick-turn of sharpshooter.
Add an option to invert default mode turn. For example: in control options you add an option called "defaul mode turn" with quick and normal options. If the user selects quick, when he plays the quick-turn is enabled without need hold L2 but when he holds L2 the mode turn change to normal. If the user select normal turn, it keeps like now.
With those options I will never use isolant tape to hold L2 on my navigator move.

If you think Filipe's suggestions make sense, pop over to the PlayStation forums and lend your support to his cause.