Protect your lair

One of the most interesting features of the PlayStation Vita is its ability to offer a seamless gaming experience across platforms with the help of cloud saving. Ruin, a new action RPG titles announced by Sony today at E3, takes full advantage of this feature, allowing players to connect to the game's online world from their couch on their PS3, and then continue their journey on the go via cloud saves on the Vita.

The game follows a traditional take on the action RPG genre, donning an isometric view reminiscent of the genre classic, Diablo. What sets the game apart from its classic roots however is its online connectivity. Players house themselves in a lair, protected by a surrounding dungeon. Other players have lairs as well, which can be attacked and conquered to collect loot power up your player. The more powerful you become, the harder it is to get to your lair, as your dungeon and monsters filling it become progressively harder as you level your character up.

The game will have a heavy focus on social networking, integrating with facebook and twitter, as well as the main website for the game. Expect more details from VitaGamr about Ruin soon.