Why Not Release This Silver PlayStation 3 In The West As Well Sony?

Everyone's expecting the PlayStation 3 to get a price-drop this year, and there's no better positioned event than August's GamesCom. Sony's known for bringing the heat to the European event, while its competitors flounder. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

MCV's got the report, citing a new price-point of between £179.99 and £199.99 will be announced for the PS3 at GamesCom. The latter sounds more realistic to us, giving Sony even more wiggle room a few years down the road. Current 160GB PS3 bundles RRP for about £249.99, so it's a hefty drop being touted.

Nick Parker, an industry analyst, told MCV: "£199.99 makes sense as it keeps Sony's options open for another drop, but they could be more aggressive.

"Microsoft wants to be number one but I expect it is adopting a 'wait and see' approach with possible new value-added deals on Kinect."

We imagine Microsoft would be prepared to respond to any PlayStation 3 price-cut. Any decreases in price are good for the industry as a whole though. Sony could really capitalise on the likes of Uncharted 3 this holiday with the enthusiasm of a price-cut.