Boo! Hiss! Etc.

Both VG247 and CVG are reporting that the PlayStation Vita will not launch in Europe until 2012. Apparently Sony is weighing up a January or February launch, while a US and Japan release still looks likely for Christmas 2011. Shafted once again. Fantastic.

"Sony know it's effectively gifting the festive handheld market to 3DS - but is still really confident of a success," said CVG's source. "The overall strategy is that they want the hardcore to buy first and then spread the word. It's a blow for us, but they think they can still do that in the UK without the Christmas sales boost."

Obviously Sony's not commenting on rumour and speculation. If Europe does end up the only territory left waiting for the PlayStation Vita, then those bleak Christmas months are going to be hard to stomach over here.

Guess we've all just got to stay positive, huh? Until there's an official statement, we're going to maintain some semblance of hope.