Reality Fighters Uses AR To Create Imaginative Bouts In Real Settings.

Up until recently, it was the sole company using AR for new and unique gameplay experiences. But that changed this year with Nintendo's introduction of the 3DS; a system that introduced augmented reality similar, but admittedly a small step ahead of what we've seen from various Sony platforms in the past.

Reality Fighters aims to take that crown back. It's being developed by Novarama, the team behind the PSP's heavily under-rated Invizimals series. Reality Fighters uses the NGP's camera to take a picture of your face (or cat, friend, tea-pot) and transform it into a fighter which you can customise with a ludicrous array of outfits and body-types.

The game's got an emphasis on being goofy, with silly costumes such as banana suits unlockable. Furthermore, fighting styles range from boxer to ballet — clearly the game is not taking itself too seriously.

What's neat is that fights take place on real-life backdrops. So for example, you can duke it out on your coffee table, bed or garden. Furthermore, you can snap photographs of settings and send them to a friend who's not in the room with you, allowing for common backdrops in multiplayer.

Those using an AR card can also circle the action by walking around the real environment as you fight, as well as zoom in and out by moving the NGP backwards and forwards.

There's a lot of mixed reactions circling Reality Fighters, but assuming the technology works, we're expecting a silly but enjoyable brawler.