We Heart You Too, Miss. Fisher.

We can live with a world without Sully, Chloe and even Nathan Drake, but no Elena would be too much strain for our hearts to take.

We're responding to comments made by Naughty Dog gaffer Evan Wells. In an interview with CVG, the company co-president told the publication that he'd have no qualms killing off a main character in the Uncharted series should the script call for it.

“We’re not dogmatic about anything. If that is what it takes [to advance the storyline] then that’s what it takes. And not just for dramatic shock value – it would definitely have to tie into the narrative that [we're] trying to tell and expose an aspect of Drake’s character that we would want to delve into.”

Evan wouldn't say whether we'll lose a main character in Uncharted 3, but he did reveal that the upcoming title would focus on Drake with the other characters taking a back-seat.

“We are trying to keep things fresh and draw certain aspects of Nate’s personality out as well as the characters he’s surrounded with. Chloe and Elena are back but they aren’t the emphasis of the story the way they were in Uncharted 2. This time round the emphasis is on Victor Sullivan and his mentor/protégé relationship with Drake.”

All together now: leave Elena alone.