Cubixx HD Is Almost Guaranteed To Be One Of This Summer's Top PSN Titles.

The Laughing Jackal developed twist on the arcade-classic Qix was mixed with a killer soundtrack and a vibrant visual style, making it feel both fresh and retro at the same time. So when Laughing Jackal informed us earlier in the year that Cubixx was coming to the PlayStation 3, we were over the moon.

The company has dropped some juicy details about the full PlayStation Network release this afternoon, appropriately dubbing the game Cubixx HD. As you'd expect, it looks friggin' gorgeous.

Because Cubixx is technically already available on the PlayStation 3, Laughing Jackal's really pushing the boat out in terms of new features and modes. In addition to the game's 50 stage Arcade Mode, the developer's also promising separate Challenge, Time Attack, Score Attack and Line Attack modes. But that's not all — Laughing Jackal's also concocted some local co-op and competitive multiplayer modes for you to try with up to seven players.

Cubixx HD will also feature trophies and leaderboards for each of its stages and modes. Laughing Jackal's told us to expect the game to release between late July and early August, with a £6.99 price-point looking likely. We say it a lot but, we honestly can't wait.