Hustle Kings on NGP Blow-Out Preview.

Considering the NGP's stunning line-up, Hustle Kings should be the game that gets easily overlooked. But with the promise of a new interface and intriguing new multiplayer options, Hustle Kings is an important component of the NGP's line-up in spite of its dry subject matter.

  • Touch. Hustle Kings makes use of the NGP's touch-screen in order to make taking shots feel more interactive. As opposed to flicking the device's analogue sticks, you will use the touch screen to draw the pool cue backwards and forwards. But Hustle Kings' integration of the NGP's unique input mechanics do not stop there. The game also supports the NGP's backtouch panel, allowing you to "rub the cue" to add chalk. And as opposed to selecting pre-designed avatars to represent your player, you'll be able to use the NGP's camera to take a photograph of your face to use the game. In addition, you can use the NGP's motion tracking functionality to move around the table and view your shots from different angles.
  • Cross-platform. Like Wipeout 2048, Hustle Kings includes support for cross-platform play. While you'll be able to play locally with other NGP owners, you'll also be able to hop online and compete directly with owners of the PlayStation 3 version of the game.
  • Asynchronous. It's Hustle Kings' asynchronous multiplayer that's the really interesting addition though. The mode will allow you to compete with friends, even if your opponent is not online at the same time. The mode works a bit like a text message. You take your shots, and then the data is transmitted to your opponent. You then need to wait until your opponent makes their shots, before the data is transmitted back to your system. In theory, a single match could last for months. Presumably this kind of multiplayer will be supported by the NGP's 3G connection too.
  • Visuals. Hustle Kings' hook on the PlayStation 3 was its ridiculously detailed visuals. That's set to carry through into the NGP title, with the game promising realistic ball physics and stunning graphics.
  • Snooker. Hustle Kings will include all of the PlayStation 3 versions DLC, including the popular snooker mode and more.

Hustle Kings is rumoured for release alongside the NGP at some point in 2011.