E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Recap, Here's What You Missed.

After a fairly lop-sided showing from Microsoft earlier in the afternoon, Sony's showing felt much more balanced and pointed firmly towards the traditional gamer.

While PlayStation Move was in full attendance, demonstrations ranged from the casual-friendly to the achingly hardcore. New PlayStation 3 announcements were few and far between, but Sony's message was clearly more, more, more. Going into the show Sony already posessed an impressive line-up of PlayStation 3 content, and it came out of the event with a couple of additions — one notably dressed in a Sly Cooper shaped disguise.

But the headline announcement this evening was not a new game, an exclusive partnership or a mind-blowing demonstration — it was a number. $249: the price of Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld. Not only does the number put an end to the nightmares of E3 2006 when Sony announced the extortionate price of the PlayStation 3, but it also puts the Vita in an extremely advantageous position. With a worldwide launch planned for this year, Sony should have no trouble taking on Nintendo's ancient-by-comparison 3DS.

It was the big take-away from a conference that at times lacked the polish of Microsoft's offering, but easily trumped it in terms of compelling content. In case you missed things, we've got a full breakdown of all the announcements below:

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