Yep, still looks good.

Child of Eden on Kinect is setting the world alight at the moment, but the PlayStation Move version is way off in the distance. Many people have suggested this is due to Microsoft throwing money at developer Q? Entertainment to push the game on Kinect, but that's not the case, says producer James Mielke.

The PS3 version's delay is down to finite resources at the developer, with individual teams creating each version. Now the 360 version is out and excellent — our sister site KINECTaku's Child of Eden review should prove that — the team at Q? is fully committed to PlayStation 3.

Strangely Mielke couldn't discuss the game's PlayStation Move support — though the cat has long since escaped from that particular bag — but did promise good things to those who wait.

It will definitely be worth the couple months that people have to wait for the PS3 version to get finished. People with PS3s, people with nice TVs, people with all kinds of control options... it's going to be really cool.

Child of Eden, complete with 3DTV and PlayStation Move support, is out later this year.