CD Projekt Would 'Love' To Bring The Witcher 2 To PlayStation 3.

"Where's the PlayStation 3 version?" many people asked.

Given The Witcher's association with the PC platform, we merely assumed that the similarities to the XBOX 360's architecture made the port an easy option for CD Projekt. And it seems like we weren't far off the mark.

Indeed, CD Projekt has told Eurogamer that it would "love" to bring The Witcher 2 to PlayStation 3 and is actively looking for a way to make it happen.

"The technology, the Red engine, is capable of doing all three: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC," senior producer Tomasz Gop told the website.

"We are focused on Xbox 360 right now. Obviously that doesn't mean we would not like to do PS3 later on in line, like next after that. We would love to. Yes, I can say we would love to.

"The other thing is switching from PC to Xbox 360 was quite straightforward. We already have people that have done 360 games on board.

"Right now we're on the look out for a good PS3 developer, so it might happen."

The Witcher 2's bloody campaign has been soaking up positive reviews from PC outlets all over the web since its release late last month. Needless to say we'd welcome the RPG with open-arms should it find its way onto PlayStation 3. We're not necessarily holding our breath though.