PlayStation Users Raised An Impressive Amount Of Cash For The Japanese Quake Appeal.

The British Red Cross has this morning thanked PlayStation users for its "amazing contribution" to the Japanese quake relief appeal, which raised a total of £466,465.60. That's an incredible tally, so give yourselves a pat on the back.

In a statement published on the European PlayStation Blog, the organisation said that the money will go towards over a quarter of a million of those who were worst affected by the quake and tsunami.

Additionally, the Japanese Red Cross will provide cash grants "to victims who have lost immediate family members; families whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake, tsunami or resulting fires; families whose homes were severely damaged; and households who have been required to evacuate".

Sony deserves some of the credit too, for providing such an easy method of donating and promoting it so heavily. Heck, those that did donate even got a neat XMB theme to reward their generosity.