The outspoken Black may have left Codies some time ago, but the Guildford team has seen out Stuart's explosive vision.

"This isn’t just another shooter; this is a gun centrefold that gives you amazingly satisfying guns that you will never forget," explained Codemasters' Benjamin Bateman. "The mantra in the team has been ‘gun, bullet, world’ – everything is focussed on the experience of squeezing the trigger, hearing bullets tear through the air and watching them obliterate enemies and the environment."

Bateman added: "Bullets, naturally, are never in short supply and but it’s their effect in the world that completes this glorious firing feedback loop as you shred through enemies and the environment. Whether it’s wood, glass, body armour… it rips up and splinters as you unleash the pain on the world around you. It doesn’t just look cool and make you feel great, but it gives you the opportunity to rip through your enemies cover, and they in turn yours."

The game looks decent enough, but we're not sure its explosive USP is enough to set it apart from a release schedule brimming with good first-person shooters.