No more wandering around the same boring maps.

Still taking those Helghan soldiers to task? Want some new battlefields to dominate with Move? Sony has you covered with a release of four new maps this week.

From the Ashes is out on PSN in North America today for $4.99, and reaches Europe tomorrow for €4.99£3.99. Featuring two new arenas and two revamped maps from Killzone 2, you can take the war to Tharsis Depot, Lente Missile Base, Mobile Factory and Radec Academy.

Don't want to drop five bucks on a single map pack? Sony is planning to bundle three packs — Retro, Steel Rain and From The Ashes Pack — for just $9.99/€9.99/£7.99 later this month. Not a shabby deal, all told.

Here's just one of the new maps, Lente Missile Base, in action.