THQ Like To Tell Us How Important They Are.

You earn relevence through good content, something THQ has in abundance. You don't earn it by telling people to take notice every five minutes.

That's exactly what CEO Brian Farrell has done in an interview with IndustryGamers though.

“We certainly think of ourselves as one of the big ones,” he said. “We had the top selling game in March with Homefront. …There was a time, ‘Oh my gosh, THQ! You’re launching Homefront in March. It’s so crowded. You’ve got Crisis, you’ve got dadadadada…’ We were number one. We crushed the competition here and in the UK. and in other markets that we track.

“So our goal is to have great products, pick our spots, where we can compete and win. We talked about how we’re going to do that with Saints Row: The Third later this year. So it’s picking your spots, having great games from great creators, and it’s not about numbers of products – it’s about bringing great products to market, marketing them as we did with Homefront and as we intend to do with the rest of these games. So when we can compete, we win."

THQ has a much lower market cap than Activision and EA, but Farrell puts that down to the publisher's emphasis on quality.

“I think the way we like to think about this is, we undertook a brand new strategy two years ago and turned the company around in 2010,” offered Farrell. “Last year was kind of the quiet year for us, we didn’t release a lot of products, and now we’ve got a pipeline that I think our competitors would be envious of. So I’m a competitor, I love to compete, and we intend to compete and win.”

THQ does have some fantastic games coming up, but we wish the publisher would stop shouting about its relevance. Heads up Farrell: you are relevant. Stop trying to remind us.