Only 900 Of The 12,700 Credit Cards Seized From SOE's Servers Are Still Active.

The division admitted to finding evidence of 12,700 stolen credit cards from a circa-2007 database.

Sony has tried to play-down concerns, noting in a statement to that only 900 of those credit cards are actually still active. Of course, it's still a pretty big deal, especially after Sony spent much of the past week reassuring users there was no evidence of any credit card compromise from the PlayStation Network.

It's worth stressing that the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment are completely different entities, so if you weren't playing Everquest II back in 2007, you're probably safe from the latest batch of bad news.

The real problem is the stuffing this update has kicked out of any damage control Hirai managed to secure over the weekend. As with everything in PlayStation this generation, things remain an uphill battle.