It'll be back

The latest headline to join the population of Silly-Town: "PlayStation Network Offline For Six Weeks, Says Sony". Just like the stories on plain-text passwords, unencrypted credit cards and unpatched servers, the actual news is a little misleading.

The news stems from comments Sony made to Bloomberg early this morning. The outlet reports that a Sony Japan spokesperson, Shigenori Yoshida, said that the PlayStation Network would be "fully restored by May 31st," while the company adopted a new, improved security system.

Many outlets β€” which we won't name out of a professional capacity β€” have failed to understand that this is the same message Sony has been stating since Kaz Hirai's press conference last Sunday. It does not mean we will have to wait six weeks for online gaming at all. Indeed, the "by May 31st" comment merely implies the latest possible date we can expect full service from the PSN to resume β€” including the PlayStation Store. Sony previously stated that they would roll the PSN back out in two phases, starting with online gaming and following with the PlayStation Store.

Absolutely nothing has changed.