Sony's Giving Away Some Good Content As Part Of Its 'Welcome Back' Goodwill Package.

While Sony's offering a pretty compelling selection of games, the hardcore fans are likely to be the ones that miss out — mainly because they'll already own the choices.

Still, think outside of the hardcore circle and Sony's "Welcome Back" gesture is more than generous. In Europe and North America Sony's giving PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners a choice of two games from a list of five. And the games aren't  too shabby either. On PlayStation 3 you can choose from: inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation, Wipeout HD (with Fury), and SuperStardust HD (in North America) or Rathet & Clank: Quest For Booty (in Europe). It's probably worth noting that we've scored all of those titles a maximum 4/4 except Dead Nation. So good content then.

The PSP list is similarly compelling, with LittleBigPlanet PSP, Pursuit Force, ModNation Racers PSP and Killzone Liberation up for grabs. Again, that is another solid collection of titles to choose from. Remember, if you own both a PS3 and a PSP you'll get a choice from both lists, giving you a sum total of four free games. For full details on the "Welcome Back" package, refer to the relevant PlayStation.Blog for your region. Europeans go here, North Americans this way.

In addition to the "Welcome Back" package, Sony is offering a multitude of other services to its customers for the PlayStation Network outage. These include: 30 days of PlayStation Plus for all users, 60 days of PlayStation Plus for existing subscribers, 30 days of Music Unlimited for existing subscribers. Sony's also planning a number of PlayStation Home item giveaways, as well as a selection of free movie rentals on the PlayStation Video Delivery Service in the US.

That's a pretty comprehensive package and we don't think anyone should feel necessarily aggrieved with what's being given away here. Obviously it's disappointing if you already own all of the games available in the "Welcome Back" package, but unfortunately there was always a possibility of that occurring. You can't please everyone.

As far as goodwill gestures go though, this is a good one. If you haven't already, please make use of this opportunity to grab a copy of inFamous and Wipeout. They are two of the best games available on the platform.