Sony's Clearly Throwing Everything Into The PlayStation Network Data Breach Investigation.

A Reuters report published this morning suggests Sony has thrown a third security team at the PlayStation Network investigation. They will join the FBI and Homeland Security. This is some CSI-style action right here.

Data Forte is the latest squad to join the investigation, a privately owned firm under the command of a former member of the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Dude.

Sony revealed earlier in the week that it had enlisted Guidance Software and Protiviti to contribute towards the ongoing investigation against the attacks. Sony's also snapped up Baker & McKenzie to handle the legal proceedings of this mess.

All these teams have got us thinking: Sony should totally get one of their first-party studios to make a game about this. In the first-half of the game you could play as the sly hacking mastermind who manages to bypass Sony's security and steal some personal data. In the second-half of the game you could play as several key operatives in the investigation, starting with the computer forensics people, right through to the cops that arrest the hacker. Near to the end of the game you'd have to take control of Kaz Hirai, and perform the famous apology bow while holding the PlayStation Move controller.

Someone get David Cage on the phone.