EA's Going All Out In Its War Against Call Of Duty.

Still, that's exactly what the publisher intends to do according to retail sources familiar with the matter.

MCV reports that EA is intending to drop Battlefield 3 "within days" of the next Call Of Duty release, which is set to be announced in the next 2 weeks or so.

EA's plan with Battlefield 3 is to steal headlines away from Call Of Duty, with a day-and-date release alongside Activision's shooter possible. It's an aggressive move, but we can't help but feel like it's a strategy that will only serve to hurt both releases. We suspect that the brand power of Call Of Duty will put Activision's shooter at the top of most player's shopping lists, even if Battlefield turns out the superior product.

“EA hasn’t been shy with Battlefield 3. It’s well known it will tackle CoD head-on,” the retail source said. “We’re ready for them to arrive within days of each other.”

The war's certainly starting to heat up. Whatever happens from here on out is going to be intriguing.

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