Assegai Fanboys Unite!

Long faces and a general lack of enthusiasm were common-place, instilled from weeks of no PlayStation Network. But one rumour has totally changed our beaten perspectives. Now we're dancing around to Sophie Ellis-Bextor sporting our Assegai Appreciation Society t-shirts. Why? Fresh Wipeout rumours have hit the net. We'll give you a few moments to pull out your disco ball and pull some shapes to Groove Jet.

Ready? Nice. It's the fine folks at SystemLink to whom we owe the biggest sloppy kiss in the world; they've picked up on a couple of web domains registered by Sony with "Wipeout" coolly slapped inside the title. The first,, was registered by Sony in November of last year and points directly to the PlayStation homepage. Legitimate project then. The name potentially hints at some kind of HD collection, but we're cool with anything Wipeout related.

The other,, was registered by Sony just this month, and is rumoured to be the NGP launch-title that Sony announced alongside the hardware reveal earlier in the year.

It's funny how the smallest of rumours can totally change your mood isn't it? We were a sodden blackhole of emotion earlier, now we feel like a nightclub on New Years Eve. Wipeout, guys.