Nope, PSN Still Isn't Back Online. But Sony's Still Targeting A Partial Return This Week.

Sony had previously stated that they were aiming to get the service back online "this week" (ending Sunday, May 8th). But as another day draws to a close, we're still without any precise confirmation from the platform holder as to when we can expect the service to get back online.

Despite the lack of information, PlayStation community manager, MusterBuster, says the original plans have not changed.

"I would love to be able to give you new information, but right now there isn't any available," the community manager wrote on the official PlayStation message boards.

"I'm asking lots of questions but at the moment all I'm being told is that the 'last update still stands' eg - Some PlayStation Network services will be restored this week.

"The very second I hear anything new, it will be passed on to you. I'm also keeping a note of your feedback throughout this outage, so keep posting it."

It's the best information we have to go on right now. We don't know about you guys, but our patience threshold is nearing capacity. There's always tomorrow, right?