Mass Effect 3 Features Gay Sexual Relationships. Apparently It's A Big Deal.

It's almost like games aren't good anymore if there isn't the option to be gay, straight or bisexual. Bioware's on a one developer crusade to change all that though.

According to Bioware's Casey Hudson, Mass Effect 3 will support "wider options for love interests," including same-sex relationships for males and female characters "reactive to how you interact with them in-game". Previous Mass Effect games have dabbled in heterosexual and lesbian encounters, but never a gay male pairing. Bioware's Dragon Age franchise opened up the possibility for same-sex male relationships, and now Shepard will be able to engage in similar activities.

You know what would be nice? If the sexual orientation of your character wasn't lofted as a back-of-the-box feature. Incorporating a component like same-sex relationships in a big-budget franchise like Mass Effect 3 does not change anyone's perspective on matters, it's only when people don't notice that we'll have achieved something.