Where is she?

You'd think that a licensed game would make a big song and dance about its celebrity endorsement, but the ex-Scary Spice is nowhere to be seen in these screenshots for Ubisoft's Let's Dance with Mel B.

Using the PlayStation Eye camera you'll be able to see yourself on-screen at all times, a big improvement over Ubi's previous dancing games Michael Jackson: The Experience and Dance on Broadway, both of which utilised the Move controller as a glorified Wii Remote. Hopefully this next effort, developed by Get Fit with Mel B team Lightning Fish Studios, will make a better fist of things.

The game has also suffered a slight delay, knocked back from 27th May to 24th June. If you want to know what you'll be able to dance to, check out the Let's Dance with Mel B track list and check out the screenshots in the gallery below.

Let’s Dance with Mel B is the only party game that lets you see yourself dancing on the television, just like a talent show!

You will be part of a group of 4 other dancers, it’s easy to pick up and play and the game is designed for a social experience thanks to the 2 player simultaneous support.

Key Features

  • See your real image on screen – using Kinect and Move technology
  • Different dance styles including disco, 80s, pop, club, latin, urban and party classics. The game features 27 original hits.
  • Top technology in body tracking
  • You can watch your performance back afterwards, and Mel B will even comment on it
  • 6 different stages related to different to dance styles
  • Review your performance and share your results with friends online
  • 40 real dancers to follow available
  • TV show unique approach – a real host, a TV studio, and real competition