Double the XP, double the fun

PSN is back in action and the multiplayer battles are raging once again. Guerrilla Games apparently is just as excited as we are, and has upped the ante to get gamers to Move back into Killzone 3 warzones in full force this weekend, by offering up a double XP weekend. Jumping into battle right now will already start earning those precious doubled experience points and will continue to do so until Monday, May 23rd at 10:00 AM UK time.

While being able to step back into Killzone 3’s online battlefields once again is great, don’t forget that if you don’t already own the superb PSP title Killzone: Liberation yet, and currently have a PSN account that was activated prior to the network outage, it will be available as one of the free downloads in the Welcome Back Program when the PSN Store returns.

Guerrilla Games also dropped this little future Killzone news bit while it was at it:

And there’s even more… But we’ll announce that at a later date.

Could Killzone 3 be receiving a new map pack or single-player DLC? Will this new Killzone news blast its way onto stage at Sony's E3 Presentation this year? Stay tuned right here as we bring you all the latest Killzone news as it happens, and we’ll see you on the battlefield.