It's Official: Infinity Ward Has Released The First Trailers For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

After yesterday's narrative spill, Infinity Ward has decided to release the first official teaser trailers for the upcoming game. It's all rather exciting.

The brief trailers introduce you to the four major cities that will make up Modern Warfare 3's campaign: New York, Berlin, Paris and London. London. That's going to be pretty cool, no?

The game's set to depict a "world in crisis", essentially World War III, after the events that concluded Modern Warfare 2.

To be honest, we're quite excited. We know it's cool to dislike Call Of Duty because of its popularity, but every year we get caught up in the hype. These games are undeniably top-notch, though we do feel like the franchise needs freshening up a touch. As great as Black Ops was, it felt too familiar in places.