Now that's a weapon.

The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is a serious bit of kit, but it didn't just come together overnight, as the latest PlayStation blog post explains.

The idea for the add-on sprang into the head of Guerrilla's Mathijs de Jonge while demonstrating Killzone 3's PlayStation Move controls to the press:

We had several Helghast performers walking the show floor, and one of them decided to have a go at the Move demo booth.I could scarcely imagine him playing a game like Killzone that way. He looked like he should be holding something resembling a weapon – something with a little oomph to it. A peripheral that not only played well, but looked cool at the same time.

The Killzone team started on creating an authentic-looking add-on for the controller, basing it on the in-game weapon StA-11, going through numerous prototypes and configurations before deciding on a basic shape that worked.

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