Grip Games Has Announced Its Latest PlayStation Mini, One Epic Game. It Looks Awesome.

Grip's been behind some of the better PlayStation Minis, so naturally an impending announcement from the studio piqued our interest.

As promised, Grip Games has blown the lid off One Epic Game overnight. The PlayStation Mini is pitched as a parody of existing game stereotypes. "There are aliens, zombies, fantasy, nuclear wasteland and World War II in this game," explains Grip, "Effectively making it the 'most epic game' ever made."

One Epic Game's a perceptual motion action game similar to iPhone favourites such as Canabalt. The twist is that in addition to your character constantly running through randomly generated environments, you also have weapons you can use to see off lurking threats. The game's got a really neat throw-back visual style to it that harks back to the 16-bit era. Grip's promising plenty of content across the game's story mode, challenge mode and free-run mode. Presumably the game will integrate into Grip's online leaderboard system too.

Check out the game's debut trailer after the jump. It looks super fun. Our advice: stick One Epic Game right at the top of your PlayStation Minis most wanted list.