In just a couple of seconds of this debut Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer, the marketing team managed to capture the game's entire concept. The sneaky little "WW3" logo which transforms into "MW3" is nothing shy of a stroke of brilliance. And it perfectly sums up the atmosphere hinted at in the trailer. Four major cities, under siege in a World War 3 like scenario.

Being British, the snippets of London excite us the most. Seeing the police cars perfectly recreated is actually really cool. And we're no doubt that will be the same for people living in New York, Paris and Berlin too. While New York residents have plenty of games to play depicting their city, European settings are rare, making Modern Warfare 3 all the more appealing over here.

It genuinely looks good too. The technology doesn't look as advanced as we'd hoped, but the set-pieces teased look fantastic. We're ready for the ride.