Starhawk Is Coming Exclusively To PlayStation 3 In 2012.

The sequel to Warhawk, due out in 2012, will launch on a Blu-ray and will boast a single-player campaign in addition to a fully-featured multiplayer component.

You'll play as Emmett Graves [killer name - Ed], a miner transformed by Rift Energy --  a strange substance found on the outsets of space. The same energy has altered other humans, turning them into monsters called the Outcast. The Outcast form the enemy faction in the game.

The game's promising massive battle environments with dynamic AI. There's also an RTS hook to the gameplay called "Build And Battle". As you kill enemies, you'll earn resources. These resources can be spent on calling down structures from space and placing them on the map. Structures include stuff like walls, gates, turrets, etc. So essentially, you'll be able to shape the battlefield mid-match and tailor it to your advantage.

Multiplayer is a 32-person affair, with all the split-screen and co-op modes you'd expect from a Warhawk sequel. The game supports leaderboards, tournaments, clans, and more. Lightbox is planning community events which will be supported by an in-game calendar, ticker tapes, and is even planning a Starhawk mobile phone app.

Honestly, this sounds very exciting. The first Warhawk took us a bit of time to get into, but when it clicked we got semi-addicted to the game's mix of fast-paced vehicular action and tactical team-play. Starhawk looks like it's elevating things to the next level. The art-style's a bit grimy, which is a bit disappointing for those that enjoyed the cartoon look of the previous game, but there's no doubt the visuals have taken a huge step forward in terms of general fidelity.

It looks like Sony's placing some big bets on Starhawk as part of its 2012 line-up. We can't wait to see more.

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