The Entirety Of Modern Warfare 3's Narrative, Including Early Screenshots, Have Leaked Onto The 'Net.

Usually we're sitting here typing about trailers and screenshots, but these past six months have been markedly different. We've spent our time reading and writing about hackers, be it with Sony's legal case against GeoHot, or the data breach of Sony's PlayStation Network.

Then there's been leak after leak, starting with Sony's NGP right through to Nintendo's Project Cafe. But Kotaku's got the mother of all leaks this afternoon, revealing every single nuance of Modern Warfare 3's story. The whole thing. From the post-credits ending sequence, to the deaths of main characters and the locations of battles; you can read every single component of Infinity Ward's next game through here.

While we don't object to Kotaku reporting every last detail of Modern Warfare 3's narrative, we're not going to reproduce the report here. Instead we'll give you a handy link and remind you there are enormous spoilers on the other side.

According to Kotaku the game's due out on November 8th and is being developed by Infinity Ward, in conjunction with Sledgehammer and Raven Software — as previously reported.

We can only imagine the reaction in Activision board-rooms across the globe right now. The bigger question is how on Earth a leak of this size occurred in the first-place. Call us conspiracy theorists, but there's almost something sinister to the scale and timing of this leak. Remember, the game hasn't even been announced yet.