The PSN Might Not Be Back Online, But It's Not All Bad News For Those Awaiting Brink.

Thus it's unfortunate that the game should be releasing at a time when the PlayStation Network is still down [though there is a chance the service could return this week, just believe - Ed].

However, in a statement to GiantBomb, a Bethesda spokesperson said there's still plenty for PlayStation 3 fans to enjoy in Brink while the PSN is offline.

"Fortunately, Brink is a game that allows you to seamlessly move between all modes of gameplay: single-player, co-op, and multiplayer," said the publisher . "So all the experience and unlocks you get while playing single-player will carry over to multiplayer once PSN is back up. So the good news is that PS3 fans can still enjoy the game and learn about the teamplay aspects, objectives, maps, the different roles, and continue to customize their character and unlock new items, and then take all of that with them as soon as multiplayer is available."

Clearly the publisher's in a bad situation, but there is some good news in that statement. That players can earn unlocks and experience while playing offline is positive stuff. Hopefully the multiplayer is back online as soon as possible.