Michael Pachter Predicts The PlayStation 3 Will Be Fine In Spite Of The PSN Security Breach.

What a day? When we started up PushSquare we did so with the intention of writing about video games. Granted we could avoid the PlayStation Network security breach entirely [you'll note we never wrote a single word about GeoHot - Ed] but unfortunately this story is too big to avoid. Furthermore, we've received like three press releases today — no one is announcing anything to do with their games because it's getting totally overshadowed by this Sony story.

So seeing as we've spent the whole day posting about the PSN security breach, we may as well end the day with a quote from everybody's favourite analyst, Michael Pachter, mightn't we? Oh go on then.

"Of course, this is bad for Sony's image, and they have to fix the breach and ensure that it doesn't happen again, or they will risk losing customers forever," Pach-attack told Industry Gamers, "I don't think people switch sides in large numbers based on this, considering that few will really have lost very much at all (two weeks of Call of Duty multiplayer is probably the biggest loss), and to 'switch sides' means buying a 360 and paying $60/year for XBL. I think that Sony is in good shape as long as there is not another incident. If there's another breach, it would be pretty bad.

"No, I don't think PS3 sales will be impacted at all. Late adopters are far less likely to care about PSN than early adopters," he concluded.

For once, we hope Pachter's right. Time and the future actions of Sony will dictate the rest of this story. For all the understandable anger and negativity that's surrounding this case, let's hope it doesn't result in too much damage for the company behind the products we adore.