It's Probably A Bit Too Late To Warn Against PlayStation Network Users Panicking.

The organisation has warned against an overreaction amongst consumers, offering Eurogamer the following statement:

"FFA UK has been made aware that out of the 70 million Sony PlayStation accounts compromised worldwide in the Sony PlayStation Network incident, three million are based in the UK.

"Sony has not yet confirmed if card details have been compromised but FFA UK is liaising closely with Sony with regard to this.

"The banking industry has robust processes in place to protect its customers' accounts by monitoring for suspicious or irregular card transactions. If Sony confirms that card details have been compromised, and provides details to us of those accounts, card issuers can place alerts on these accounts. Further steps, such as blocking the account and/or issuing new cards can be taken if necessary.

"There is no need for customers to contact their bank or card company at this stage. However, customers should continue to do what they should normally be doing - checking their statement and keeping a close eye on their account for any unusual activity – if they spot any they should then contact their bank or card company."

The FFA UK did recommend that gamers change their passwords if they use a similar login for multiple website accounts.

"Similarly, customers may have had their email addresses and telephone numbers compromised in this incident, so they should be wary of responding to any unsolicited emails or telephone calls that ask for sensitive or financial information."

The FFA UK also reiterated that consumers will not lose money as part of the security breach.

"In the event that anyone is the innocent victim of fraud as a result of this incident, customers can have peace of mind that they will get their money back from their bank or card company."

If you're still concerned, it's best to make contact with your bank who will be able to advise you further.