Remember When Video Games Used To Be Cool?

We don't have a clue what Zumba Fitness is, but we do know a PS3 version is due within the next couple of weeks. We assume the game's going to be lingering around the sales charts for some time.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 saw a push up to fourth on the back of the Masters tournament, while Dynasty Warriors 7 scraped a place in the top ten. Has Dynasty Warriors ever charted before?

  1. Zumba Fitness (Pipeworks Software, Majestico Entertainment)
  2. Crysis 2 (Crytek, EA)
  3. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Traveller’s Tales, LucasArts)
  4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters (EA Sports, EA)
  5. Shift 2: Unleashed (Slightly Mad Studios, EA)
  6. Homefront (Kaos Studios, THQ)
  7. WWE All Stars (THQ San Diego, THQ)
  8. Pokemon Black (Gamefreak, Nintendo)
  9. Pokemon White (Gamefreak, Nintendo)
  10. Dynasty Warriors 7 (Koei)