Ubisoft's Aiming To Be Top-Dog.

Fighting talk, yo.

Chatting with MCV, the executive said that Electronic Arts' decision to sell off its 20 percent stake in the publisher "changed lots of things for us. We had a competitor owning a share of the company and we were always wary that they could decide they would go for the company – and that wouldn’t have been welcome".

But with EA gone, Ubisoft's now free to grow: "So now we are totally independent again. We feel a lot better. We are number three, and our goal is to beat those guys, EA and Activision, at some point."

The thing is, EA and Activision aren't small bananas. Guillemot reckons Ubisoft need to focus on "creating products" that will "fuel growth". It's good to have ambition, but we don't see Ubisoft overturning the top guys anytime soon. They're a fantastic publisher, but they need three or four Assassin's Creed calibre franchises before they even come close to overhauling the real big-guns.