Roger And Andy Can't Wait To Check Out The Virtua Tennis 4 Demo.

We don't even care if Sony announces the PlayStation 4, you won't find us in the PushSquare office. Why? Because SEGA's just confirmed that a PlayStation 3 exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 demo is on the way. And it's not a one-set taster either.

The demo will allow you to get a taste of Virtua Tennis 4's "board game inspired" World Tour mode. You'll be able to play a third of a season, and then pull any progress you make into the final game. The demo will include all the character creation features of the main game, so you'll essentially get to start your Virtua Tennis 4 campaign a couple of weeks before the game launches.

There's a trailer after the jump. Check it out. We are so flippin' excited for this game.

An additional PlayStation Move/3D demo is planned further down the line. SEGA announced a bunch of PS3-exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 content last week.