First Sony said that the earthquake in Japan could delay the release of the NGP, then changed its mind. Now it appears the NGP is back on track for a 2011 release, at least in the United States.

Sony showcased its upcoming handheld to analysts and investors earlier this week, and in a report published by Lazard Capital Markets, one of the attendees, the company says Sony reconfirmed that the NGP would hit the US by the end of 2011:

A 2011 launch for NGP was reconfirmed, although we expect pricing will be unveiled around the E3 conference.

The investing firm remains “somewhat concerned that an initially high price point could limit the market opportunity for NGP,” but does say the device is impressive, noting:

Uncharted for NGP looks impressive vs. some of the early PSP games, which lacked differentiation in many respects.

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