Sony's Promised Mad Blocker Alpha Will Get Additional Store Prominence When The PSN Is Back Online.

But with the PlayStation Network down for much of the week, developer Open Emotion's lost a good chunk of its first week sales. Thankfully Sony's promised the studio will get a few weeks additional promotion to compensate — a bold but necessary assurance from the platform holder.

“Sony will be helping us retain key focus [prominent placement on the PSN Store] for an extra few weeks as they understand how something like this can affect a small dev studio like ours,” CEO Paddy Murphy told IGN. “As it’s our first week in the US, I’m sure it will affect sales, but we have to understand that Sony wouldn’t take down the entire PSN on a whim.

“As long as they can give us some marketing assistance when the PSN is back up, we are sure we will be able to recoup our potential losses.”

It'll be interesting to see how Sony copes with a mounting backlog of games in the coming weeks. Not only do they need to support those games that didn't get a fair shake over the weekend, but there are also a new batch of releases planned for launch today. Something has to give.

You can check out our review of Mad Blocker Alpha through here. Make sure you pick up the unusual puzzle title when the PSN is back online.