Sony Online Entertainment's Planning A Goodwill Gesture For Inconvenienced DC Universe Online Players.

“We wanted to update you on the status of our examination of the SOE system intrusion we announced last week,”said community relations manager Linda Carlson. “We have been conducting a thorough investigation and, to the best of our knowledge, no customer personal information got out to any unauthorized person or persons. We are continuing that investigation and monitoring the situation carefully; should the situation change, we will — of course – promptly notify you.

“We apologize for any inconvenience players may have experienced as a result of the recent service interruption. As a global leader in online gaming, SOE is committed to delivering stable and entertaining games for players of all ages."

Of course, PlayStation 3 subscribers of DC Universe Online and Free Realms will still be inconvenienced by the current PlayStation Network situation. Both games interface with the main PSN login, rendering the MMOs unplayable for upwards of a week now. SOE has said it's working on a good-will plan for those subscribers.

“To thank players for their patience, we will be hosting special events this weekend across our game portfolio, including a Double Station Cash day on Saturday, April 30. We are also working on a ‘make good’ plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms. Details will be available soon on the individual game websites and forums.”

The positive PR efforts begin...