Sports Champions Is Hands-Down The Best Motion Controlled Game Available On Any Platform.

It's not that the game scored unfavourably, it's just that it didn't manage to register on the radar of most players. Which is a deep shame, because as far as we're concerned, the sports compilation's interpretation of table-tennis is hands-down the most accurate demonstration of motion control available anywhere. It's not just the nuances in shot control that makes it brilliant, but also the variety in AI and the depth in the mechanics as you progress. Forcing you to move around the net on the higher difficulties is an inspired design choice.

Naturally, we were totally stoked to read a rumour from PlayStationLifestyle this morning that hints at a second PlayStation 3 (and presumably PlayStation Move) exclusive from Sports Champions developers, Zindagi Games. The developer is looking for a level designer for the PlayStation 3 platform only. The title isn't listed as a Move title, but seeing as these guys have probably had the most success with the controller, it doesn't take a huge leap of logic to make a few assumptions.

So what would we like them to do? Personally, we'd like something completely new designed from the ground up for PlayStation Move [survival horror game, perhaps? - Ed]. In addition, we'd love to see an updated version of the table-tennis game with online multiplayer released on the PSN. Make it happen Zindagi.