So Long PSPgo. We Hardly Knew You.

The much maligned handheld rarely set the charts on fire, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to learn of the device's cancellation.

The rumour stems from a blog post written by a Japanese Sony Shop employee. Translated by Andriasang, the post points out that stores will no longer be receiving shipments of the device as production has now ceased. The unit is equally difficult to find worldwide, though Sony UK has white versions available for sale.

Sony wouldn't confirm or deny anything in a statement to Eurogamer:

“It is a very exciting time for PlayStation portable devices. Before the end of the year we are launching NGP, our next generation portable device, which we believe will revolutionise portable gaming. In the meantime, the current generation of PSPs continue to be in demand, especially since the introduction of our value for money, Essentials range of games and we will continue to meet that demand.”

Presumably Sony will want to clear up factory real estate to kick off NGP production, so this doesn't necessarily come as a huge surprise. It's a shame that the PSPgo flopped though. We have one and absolutely adore it. It's got a great screen and a lovely form factor. We suppose the biggest kicker was software and hardware pricing.