Look, the logo even contains a PlayStation Move controller!

Harmonix, creators of the highly acclaimed Dance Central on Kinect, have dropped a hint or two that they may unveil a new PlayStation Move title at the upcoming E3 conference in early June.

The studio's vice president of product development, Greg LoPiccolo, spoke to IndustryGamers about a possible big announcement in June, and although he was understandably cagey about the details he did drop a hint that it may be heading to PlayStation Move:

I think that we see opportunities in motion gaming that we might be uniquely equipped to pursue and so I think we are broadening our scope a little bit in terms of the studio focus to not only encompass music gaming, but also motion gaming, and that may manifest in a lot of different ways.

We’re pretty impressed with Kinect as a platform and we’ve had good success out of the gate with it, but we’re certainly not blind to the opportunities that the Wii and the Move present.

Harmonix was the team behind little-remembered PS2 title EyeToy: Antigrav, so it wouldn't be the first time they'd got to grips with Sony motion technology.

What do you think Harmonix could have to show off on PlayStation Move, if anything? What would you like to see?

[source industrygamers.com]