Resistance 3's Colour Bleed Effect Gives The Game A Really Unique Look.

The gameplay showcases the boat-road sequence from the game's original debut. There's some criticism flowing around the 'net that the whole section looks boring, but we're falling in love with Resistance 3's atmosphere. The thick fog, the stirring water, the colour palette — it looks like the franchise is making a welcome return to its origins. This slow-paced boat journey looks more like a survival horror sequence than something you'd expect in an action game. And we're totally cool with that, the original Resistance had elements of survival horror and it's great to see them make a welcome return.

Our only real concern thus far is the voice acting. Makhilov sounds a little bit contrived in this trailer. Hopefully it's place-holder stuff, because it does suck you out of the atmosphere a little bit. With that aside though, we're deeply impressed with this new gameplay footage. Check it out after the jump. For a little more context, hit up the PlayStation Blog.