While not yet officially publisher endorsed, an interview with American McGee on CVG suggests that Alice Madness Returns will release with a PlayStation 3 port of the original PC-exclusive Alice.

McGee dropped the bomb while explaining the challenges of adding a DLC tail to a strictly single-player experience:

"There will be DLC in the form of dresses that the player can download and Alice can wear," he told the website. "Those dresses come with special abilities and enhance how you play through the game.

"There's also going to be pretty significant release which is the original Alice brought over to the consoles so that a person who's purchased Madness Returns gets a download code and is able to bring Alice 1 onto their console and play through the entire original game alongside playing Madness Returns."

<span>Presumably that will fulfill EA's Project Ten Dollar mandate. We're hyped. The original Alice was amazing at the time. It's probably aged horrifically, but seeing as we're super hyped for Madness Returns, we're not going to disregard the addition of a freebie. Plus, it will be nice to earn trophies in a classic title. Hopefully there's a platinum up for grabs too.